Steel Inclined Ladder with Stair Treads

  • Product name: Steel Inclined Ladder with Stair Treads
  • Product classification: Steel Ladder
  • Company name: Yantai Hualian Steel Structure Co., Ltd
  • Model specification: inclined ladder
  • Product use: platform access,boad deck way
  • Add time: 17/05/15
Product details

1. Specifications of Steel Inclined Ladder

steel ladder is a combination of steel pipe ball-joint handrails and steel grating stair treads. 

The material include carbon steel and stainless steel, aluminum.

The product complies with the international standard of 02J401. 

We offer the finished products with easy installation. Hot dip galvanized treatment guarantees easy maintenance.


2. Feature of marine steel inclind ladder:

Lightweight, attractive designs,

High degree of accuracy during installation,

Large delivery capacity,

Shorter delivery times



3.Component of industrial steel inclined ladder:

1) U Channel Steels


2) Steel Grating Stair Treads (click here for more details)


3) Ball Joint Handrails (click here for more details)


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