Compound Steel Bar Gratings

  • Product name: Compound Steel Bar Gratings
  • Product classification: Steel Gratings
  • Company name: Yantai Hualian Steel Structure Co., Ltd
  • Model specification: 34x38
  • Product use: building materials, power stations, boiler. Shipbuilding.Petrochemical steel grid board, chemical industry and general industrial building, municipal construction and other industries
  • Add time: 17/08/23
Product details
1. Compound Steel Bar Gratings Introduction

Compound steel grating is a product made of steel grating with certain crossing and checkered plate with seal 

surface in different thicknesses. The grating type G323/40/100, G253/30/100 and G323/60/100 are generally 

used as base support materials. The checkered plate galvanized or hot dipped with 3mm thickness is used as surface plate.

Checkered plate is used as riffled plates with thickness of 4mm, 5mm or 6mm according to customer's requirements.

Compound steel grating will generate buckling deformation due to thermal stress after hot dip galvanizing, and larger steel grating has difficult levelling, so please note type selection.


2.Steel bar grating specification:

Material: Mid steel Q235(Low carbon steel), stainless 201,304,316

Bearing bar size: 20*3mm; 25*3mm; 30*3mm; 30*5mm; 40*5mm; or as your requirement

Besring bar spacing: 15mm; 25mm; 30mm; 40mm; 50mm; 60mm; 90mm; or as your requiement.

Cross bar spacing: 24--200mm; or as your requirement.

Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized; paint; untreat

Steel bar grating Standard:

China YB/T4001-1998

America ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88)

Britain BS4592-1987

Australia AS1657-1992

Steel Standard: China GB700-88 / ASTM (A36) / BS4306 (43A)

Hot Dip Galvanizing Standard: China GB/T13912-92 / ASTM (A123) / BS729


4. Our Service:
We can design the shop drawings according to custiomer's structural drawings.
We can provide samples if you need.
We can offer customized service as customer's per requirements.

Compound Steel Bar Gratings
5. Enquiry:
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ADD: No. 276 Xingfu Middile Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.

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