Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating

  • Product name: Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating
  • Product classification: Steel Gratings
  • Company name: Yantai Hualian Steel Structure Co., Ltd
  • Model specification: as required
  • Product use: platform, trestles, covers, ladders and fencing in many fields such as petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, water supply, sewage treatment, ship building, parking lots, city construction, environmental engineering.
  • Add time: 17/08/01
Product details

1.Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating Specifications:

The Walkway Mild Steel Grating is made of load flat steel bar and cross bar, placed horizontally and vertically, and at an equal pitch apart, by welding with 200-ton hydraulic resistance automatic welding equipment, then cutting, punching and banding ends.

The Steel Grating symbol is as blow:


Type of steel grating: W-pressure welded grating; L- pressure locked grating; C- socket welding grating

Pitch of bearing bars ranges from 15-30mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 90mm etc. with 30, 40mm recommended.

Pitch of cross bars ranges from 30, 38, 50, 76, 100mm etc. with 50, 100mm recommended.

Sign of the shape of bearing bar: F-plain surface (F is usually can be omitted); S-serrated surface; I-the section is of "I" type.

Surface treatment: G- hot dip galvanizing (G is usually omitted); P-painting; U-untreated.


2.Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating Feature:

1) Walkway steel gratings is high strength and light structure

2) Walkway grating is powerful anti-corrosion, durable and long working life

3) Beautiful appearance, bright surface

4) No dirt-rain-snow deposit, automatic cleaning, easy maintenance.

5) Good ventilation, day-lighting, heat-dispersing, resistant to sliding and explosion

6) Easy installation

Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating

3.Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating Application:

Walkway Mild Steel Grating is widely used in the platformcorridor, bridge, well covers, stairs,

fencing for petroleum, chemical, power plant,

waste treatment plant, civil engineering projects and environmental projects. 

Steel grating for Reclaimer trolley walkways is widely used in mine industries.

steel grating for stacker walkways is usually in the part of conveying equipment.

4.Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating Packing detail: 

Packed in bundle then fixed by steel belt as the general export package and we also could pack it according to customers' requirement.

5.Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating Delivery detail: within 7-20 work days after confirmation.

Walkway Mild Steel Grating / MS Steel Grating

6. Our Service:

We can design the shop drawings according to custiomer's structural drawings.

We can provide samples if you need.

We can offer customized service as customer's per requirements.

BV certificated steel gratings

7. Enquiry:

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