Tree Steel Grating Steel Bar Grating

  • Product name: Tree Steel Grating Steel Bar Grating
  • Product classification: Special Gratings
  • Company name: Yantai Hualian Steel Structure Co., Ltd
  • Model specification: Tree Steel Grating
  • Product use: garden parks, plazas, roadway,municipal engineering, residential districts
  • Add time: 17/08/01
Product details

1.Description of Tree Steel Grating:

Tree grates also called tree pool cover consisting 2 to 4 pieces symmetrical boards jointed together with tree hole in the middile and several weep holes around, mainly used for landscape trees along the streets, avoiding soil erosion and beautifying the environment. Traditional tree grates are produced by cast iron plates or WPC, while our tree grates are produced by steel gratings with more merits compared with the traditional ones, like high strength, simple design, high hollow rate etc. Our steel grating tree grates are produced by bearings bars and cross bars welded together by high resistance welding machine or by manual. Different configuration and size are able to be designed and customized according to customers’ specific application.


tree steel grating

2.Tree Steel Grating Steel Bar Grating Product Details:

No. Terms
1 Material
Low carbon, middle carbon, stainless steel
2 Material Standard GB700-88, ASTM(A36), BS4360(43A), AS3679

Bearing bar size


40*3,40*5,45*5,50*3,50*5,55*5,60*5,65*5mm etc,

4 Bearing bar pitch


5 Cross bar pitch


6 Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized,painted,self-color,
7 Grating Standard YB/T4001.1-2007,ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88),BS4592-1987,AS1657-1985
8 Bearing bar type F,I ,S,IS type
9 Application

Floor walkway,industrial platform,stair tread,metal ceiling

10 Feature

Fine appearance,anti-corrosive,simple installation,light weight,

high load,anti-skid,Prevent dirt deposition,ventilation,anti-explosion

11 Payment Terms
12 Package

Pallets in containers packed by steel strap and worthy sea shipping,

or according to the customers' requirements

13 Product capacity 10days for a 20”

3. Features of metal tree grate:

1). Simple and nice look.

2). High strength with safe use.

3). Hollow rate upto 90% providing superior drainage rate and plenty of sunshine to the tree roots and grasses.

4). Anti corrosion and fire retardant.

5). Convenient for assembly and disassembly.

6). Various configuration and size are able to be customized according to customers’ requirement.

tree pool cover

4. Our Service:
We can design the shop drawings according to custiomer's structural drawings.
We can provide samples if you need.
We can offer customized service as customer's per requirements.


5. Enquiry:

Tel: +86-535-6388735 

Fax: +86-535-6382944


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