Disney (Shanghai) Tomorrowland Project

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1. Brief Introduction of press locked steel gratings

With Press-Locked Grating the cross bars and bearing bars are notched and pressed together through a high pressure manufacturing process. The result is a bi-direction flush surface that

assures a firm, rigid connection and makes it aesthetically appealing for architectural applications. It is available from stock in twp bearing bars heights, in plain or corrosion-resistant

galvanized steel, or aluminum. A variety of other bar heights, bar spacings and materials is available by special order. 


2. Specifications of the press-locked steel gratings for Disney (Shanghai) Tomorrowland Project.

Model number: G303/30/30G;

Bearing bar size: 30*3mm flat bar;

Bearing bar pitch: 30mm;

Cross bar size: 10x2mm flat bar;

Cross bar pitch: 30mm.

3. Why Disnesy (Shanghai) choosed the press locked steel gratings for walkway floorings?

a. excellent force transfer in horizontal direction and material saving.

b. ensure clean, even and smooth surface, adding artistic beauty to appearance.

c. diversified loading bar and insert pitches can satisfy various needs of customers.

d. enjoy the same loading capacity and mesh pattern with the electroformed welded grating.

4.We solved problem for customer in time.

There are several pieces of steel gratings were out of shape in the process of assembling and unassembling when the press-locked steel gratings were installed. We immediately

dispatched crews to track down the problem and fix it manually in the construction site. Our customer was very satisfied with our products and service at the end.

If you are in need of press-locked steel gratings or press-welded steel gratings, please try to inquire to us for further details.

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