Scenic Spot Ropeway Platform Projects

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1.Breif Introduction of the Ropeway Platform.

Nowadays, there are many famous scenic spots running the ropeway to provide fast and convenient air access for domestic and foreign tourists. The ropeway platform is used for inspection and maintenance of the ropeway to ensure the ropeway safety.


2.Ropeway Platform Treads.(click here for more details)

The new type ropeway treads produced by Yantai Hualian Steel Structure Co., Ltd. are widely used in the wordwide ropeway platforms.

The ropeway tread is made by steel grating with serrated bearing bar to anti-slip and toe plate to protect the workers' safety.

Usually the ropeway treads are rectangular or square, but we can also offer the custyomized service to meet per customer's requirements.


3. Our Advantage in Scenic Spot Ropeway Platform Projects

We are the professional manufacturer of steel grating ropeway treads. And our engineers have rich experience in design the ropeway platform projects, more than 90% domestic scenic spot ropeway platform treads are supplied by us, more and more overseas ropeway platform projects have cooperation with us gradually.


4. Our completed Scenic Spot Ropeway Platform Projects.